• The Most Advanced Endoscopic Clip System

    for effective closure of GI defects                                                                

    The Most Advanced Endoscopic Clip System

     Radial compression delivers the healing benefits of circumferential approximation  __________ Proprietary radial compression technology for even 360° tissue compression • Prior to deployment, the Padlock Clip is positioned with its six prongs flexed open forming an 11mm circle, shielded and pointing toward the target tissue • As the deployment is initiated, the prongs first pierce

  • “Excellent Healing”

    Provides effective closure and maintains blood flow to promote healing with epithelial growth

    “Excellent Healing”
  • Enhanced Tissue Capture

    1cm x 1cm tissue chamber facilitates substantial tissue capture and approximation   _________________ ________________ ______________ Fast and easy instrument mounting – less than a minute Does not occupy an instrument channel The Padlock Clip is made of a flexible, biocompatible alloy with exceptional shape-retention memory and instantly springs back to its original form when deployed In

    Enhanced Tissue Capture
  • User Friendly

    Fast, easy mounting on endoscope without using  instrument channel. Intuitive thumb press deployment. __________ Quick and Easy to Use – The Padlock Clip and Lock-it Delivery System is ergonomically designed, does not occupy an instrument channel and is secured to the endoscope by a simple stretch fastener.  It is easy to mount on the endoscope and is

    User Friendly
  • Precision Manufacturing

    Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA

    Precision Manufacturing

Advanced Clip Suture System…… (How it Works)

The Padlock Clip’s exclusive radial compression technology delivers all the healing benefits of suture like circumferential approximation.

Simple & Easy to Use

The Padlock Clip is simple and easy to mount and deploy. Ergonomically designed, it provides maximum tissue engagement and does not occupy a working channel.
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Key Features – Simple to Deploy

The Padlock Clip and Lock-It Delivery System’s syringe-like trigger facilitates precise "push of the thumb" instant deployment . Read More...

Clinical Performance

Target tissue is gathered and lifted into a floret-like mass that is self-closing and resistant to GI pressures that may cause leaks in linear closures.

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US Endoscopy acquires the Padlock Clip™ defect closure system product line from Aponos Medical